A lost soul

First day of college tomorrow.
Aghast? Nervous? For what? Too many thoughts in mind. New city, new people, new challenges, new friends, new enemies. 

He doesn’t want to carry his old self along. He hates it. He doesn’t want to be called as son of street sweeper. He wants his own recognition in the new city. He doesn’t want to face that embarrassment again. He is ashamed of his identity. 

Is this the relevant reason to hate himself? This raises further questions on the coherence of his mindset. 

Everything will not go hunky dory unless he will not respect his roots. They are already damaged, he has to water them now, otherwise he will be wrecked. If the roots is damaged blossom will not be there.

Next day.. 

On the way to his college… 

To be continued… 


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