A sadist? Ola asked hola.

Hola wondered what has she done with herself! from a girl not bothering about others to the girl who is dead inside now. A strong transformation? May be :/ she thought! 

No! This is not a transformation ola replied!! this is just a futile thought that you are carrying and acting like a sadist. You are being fooled! Can’t you accept it?

No!! Because I can’t accede this! someone from another world has destroyed my own little queendom. Hola told ola.

Reconcile and let things fall where they are crumbling. Real Queens doesn’t depreciate.. Your queendom will be with you when your king will set foot in.

So stop acting like a sadist because you are not! Your universe is way much different accept and let him go 🙂 ola said.

Ola’s hands and hola’s tears are best friends now 😉


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