Heavy words like trust, loyalty, respect are only worth feeling for those who deserve it and know the suffering. In the universe full of monsters you should be aware of the fact that they only desire to assassinate your soul.

Different kinds of anthropoid are there… they will stab in the back and act like doctors. People who always percolate get themselves towards pillory. They say what goes around comes around. I certainly wouldn’t want a person who obliterated one’s heart and soul to miss out on experiencing such excruciating pain and cold-hearted indifference first hand too. After all, being lead on, lied to, played and those mind games were so much FUN.

Hitting rock bottom could be the greatest lesson you learn to appreciate how to break down and show up. 🙂





Misidentification of a person is the worst can we do to ourselves. Actually, this happens because we start visualizing that person on our conditions, we just ignore what they really are and just transform their identities into our ideal being.

Most of us, I mean generally people at my age go through this plight and trust me! semblance is horrendous. But actually, according to me, this is not our weakness, in fact, this is a blessing given by God. We can humanify the creature which resides deep inside us into someone concrete apart from their temperament.

We only lack in picking the right concrete material but that is not a butt of our search. God make us face off some dime a dozen so that the best concrete should be assayed by us in a literal way.



*Sitting in the Coliseum*

The theatre was about to start, so he was observing everyone. Some men with their inamorata.. some women with their inamorato.. some people have come with their families.

"Can you please shift there?" she asked him

"No" he replied.

"That was so rude you know" she answered.

"I know that" he riposted.

As she ensconces, his heart skips a beat once. He was lost in the clouds now trying to figure out what was happening to him.

* The drama begins*

That one hour was like one second for him.



A sadist? Ola asked hola.

Hola wondered what has she done with herself! from a girl not bothering about others to the girl who is dead inside now. A strong transformation? May be :/ she thought! 

No! This is not a transformation ola replied!! this is just a futile thought that you are carrying and acting like a sadist. You are being fooled! Can’t you accept it?

No!! Because I can’t accede this! someone from another world has destroyed my own little queendom. Hola told ola.

Reconcile and let things fall where they are crumbling. Real Queens doesn’t depreciate.. Your queendom will be with you when your king will set foot in.

So stop acting like a sadist because you are not! Your universe is way much different accept and let him go 🙂 ola said.

Ola’s hands and hola’s tears are best friends now 😉

Busy Not busy

She was busy ,like very busy working on her ego. Why she should go to him? What’s the meaning approaching him?

He was also busy ,like very busy working on his soul. Tired of holding on things which will not lead him anywhere. He knows his worth ,he doesn’t deserve this obviously!! His personage is way more higher than her reflection.

She doesn’t see his worth over her ego but he worth himself over her identity.


A lost soul

First day of college tomorrow.
Aghast? Nervous? For what? Too many thoughts in mind. New city, new people, new challenges, new friends, new enemies. 

He doesn’t want to carry his old self along. He hates it. He doesn’t want to be called as son of street sweeper. He wants his own recognition in the new city. He doesn’t want to face that embarrassment again. He is ashamed of his identity. 

Is this the relevant reason to hate himself? This raises further questions on the coherence of his mindset. 

Everything will not go hunky dory unless he will not respect his roots. They are already damaged, he has to water them now, otherwise he will be wrecked. If the roots is damaged blossom will not be there.

Next day.. 

On the way to his college… 

To be continued…