That girl from that place.

That girl from that place is such a mess. Her life is can of worms. She didn’t know what to do,with whom to share,how it gonna be okay,why always she? 

She was frustrated, wanted him to understand her as no one else will. She showed her blockhead side to him and he disappeared as any other guy. She thought he was special may be :/

He was Antipode to her thoughts. This time also she is feeling empty inside and again. He could have asked her “What’s wrong? You have not behaved like this before are you upset? Is something there bothering you?” 

May be she has expected alot from him and he escaped on one green signal as she was toxic to his soul. Now,She has lost someone who was never hers but he has lost someone who was only and only for him. Everybody should be gauged according to their worth only. She realised she should not chase anyone that doesn’t want to be chased.

It was her bad!! Nobody is going to help you through your complications, you are the sole person responsible for it. Don’t ask for help,don’t expect. NEVER! Be your own strength. Have your own recognition. Honour your own esteem.

Don’t be that girl from that place.


Believe in you

We all want to feel we’re good and worthwhile people. We can do this individually or by hitching ourselves to a worthy cause. Either way we need to be able to view ourselves in a positive light.

Everybody is worth their while.We just need to find out the best us and we will find the real us. Going out and finding ourselves is not a difficult task but believing in real us is something that will take efforts. 

Don’t let the real you down by adjusting to people’s brainpower. You are more than you think and is able to fly in the sky of life with your wings taking over.  

There are people who will only discourage you but don’t let them be stronger than your inner voice. Be humble! And learn from them, they are those who have let real them down by believing some other grumpy people. Don’t let yourself become one 🙂